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Web Media PDA203 | Spring 2008 | Tues/Thurs 8:30 - 11:20 am

Introductory level web media class. We will cover [X]HTML, CSS and basic PHP (dynamic server-side scripting). Applications utilized will be JEdit [for hand coding XHTML], Dreamweaver, Photoshop/Illustrator and (maybe) Flash.

Instructor: Robert Carlsen
Contact: Wilson Hall, Room 37
Meetings: by appointment.

Course Texts: [required]

HTML & XHTML: The Definitive Guide, Sixth Edition, Musciano & Kennedy, O'Reilly, 2007

Envisioning Information, Tufte, Graphics Press, 1990

W3 Schools, CSS http://www.w3schools.com/css/default.asp


Course Requirements :
Students are expected to spend a minimum of 6 hours per week in the lab outside of class. Class attendance is necessary; more than 2 unexcused absences can result in a grade penalty. Lateness up to 30 min is considered late. Two occurrences of lateness will be considered one absence. Lateness beyond 30 min is considered an absence. All assignments must be presented on due date; assignments not handed in receive an "F"; assignments handed in late, without a proper excuse, will receive a grade penalty.

Course Work:

  1. Formal documentation of the process of creating media for your projects that includes written and visual components. Weekly journal/sketchbook covering ideas, sketches, source materials, storyboards, flowcharts, character/scene/story development, production techniques, readings, videos and discussions. Documentation is turned in at midterm and final classes.
  2. Several studio projects and one final project. Final project will be delivered as a live website.
  3. Regular studio exercises and class participation. Final review of class and studio assignments.

Course Materials
You must already have a IQ Web account. If you donŐt already have an IQ Web account: Open a web browser and type http://www.moorecollege.net/iqweb/Visitor/RequestAccount.asp in the URL location field. Follow the on-line instructions. You must supply your own backup media. Optimally, I recommend a Firewire and/or USB2 external hard drive; larger capacity is better. You are responsible for backing up your work - BACK UP EARLY AND OFTEN.

Grading Policy

Projects will be graded based on:

Grading will be based on class participation, the class projects, the documentation requirement, and a final project. All assignments must be presented on due date; assignments not handed in receive an "F"; assignments handed in late, without a proper excuse, will receive a grade penalty. Assignments will be collected on DVD at mid-term and at semester end, which is considered part of your documentation grade. You are responsible for archiving and backing up your work.


Week 1, Tues.

ASSIGNMENT: Hand code basic XHTML page, due next class.
First Page example.

Week 1, Thurs.

ASSIGNMENT: Create folder on development server. Finish and upload McLuhan page.

Week 2, Tues.

ASSIGNMENT: Draft proposal for Photo Essay Project.

Week 2, Thurs.

ASSIGNMENT: Begin work on Photo Essay Project.

Week 3, Tues.
Interface, continued

ASSIGNMENT: Work on Photo Essay Project.

Week 3, Thurs.
Testing, Publishing

ASSIGNMENT: Finish Photo Essay Project.

Projects must be "live" on the Development Server at the beginning of Tuesday's class. We will be looking at each of them and you will not have time to work on them before they are due. Please sort out any issues beforehand.

Week 4, Tues.
Cascading Style Sheets, Introduction

ASSIGNMENT: Cascading Style Sheets

Recreate one page of your photo essay project using CSS.

Week 4, Thurs.
Cascading Style Sheets, Mashup


Generate new derivative work using material at your disposal. This may be photography, video, music, text etc. You may create new work or repurpose existing items.

The content is key. Technology is worthless if you have nothing to say. Think of something to make a statement about. Political / social commentary? Humor / irony? Internet meme? Observations? Introspection?

Focus on the content and consider ways to effectively present your project. You may think of a visual aesthetic for this persentation, however don't let technological issues influence your creativity at this point.

Week 5, Tues.
Mashup Projects, Dreamweaver Intro


Gather material for mashup project

Begin creative work.

Week 5, Thurs.
Mashup Projects, Dreamweaver


Continue creative work.

Sketch ideas for web presentation / interface. Think (and write) about what you would like the user experience to be. You will use this description as a guide for creating the site later.

Week 6, Tue.


Begin design work.

Realize sketches as photoshop interfaces.

Week 6, Thurs.


Create live interfaces from Photoshop sketches using Dreamweaver.

Assignment will be due after Spring Break, Thursday March 13th.

Week 7, Tues.
Embedding Media


Finish project. Upload to Development Server. Link from your class pages.

Assignment due next class, Thursday March 13th.

Week 7, Thurs.

Week 8, Tues.
"Where We Were" project


Week 8, Thurs.
"Where We Were" project



Week 9, Tues.


Week 10, Tues.


Week 10, Thurs.


Week 11, Tues.


Week 11, Thurs.


Week 12, Tues.


Week 12, Thurs.


Week 13, Tues.


Week 13, Thurs.


Week 14, Thurs.