Ongoing documentation of my current work, lately at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, is in the blog.

over the past couple of years i've been using software to a greater degree as a tool in my work. this has included (roughly in chronological order): macromedia director (yay lingo!), processing/java, openFrameworks/c++, arduino/c and iPhone/objective-c. i've become very interested in tangible interfaces and wearable computing, but still have an affinity for screen-based media. at the end of the day, it's not the tools you use, but the work which matters.

each new experiment is another opportunity to mess with users and their environment. i'm most interested in making the interaction between the user and the program intuitive. my favorite projects are those which set up initial "rules of engagement" and then let users run amok to determine the extent of the interaction and resulting responses.

projects & sketches:

installation projects: