Month: August 2008

  • here it comes…

    all registered for the semester now. as mentioned on twitter, in at 11:00:03, done by 11:00:45. classes filled up very quickly. i’m really glad that i went to gordie’s registration session…he had some great tips which i think were crucial (although i won’t mention here – i may need them next semester :) ) after […]

  • finally here…

    today was orientation for ITP…all of us first year students got together to be welcomed by Red Burns and to introduce ourselves to everyone. there are so many really smart, really interesting people in this class, from all backgrounds and from all over the world. it’s quite inspiring to be a part of this community. […]

  • success!

    finally got the iBike CSV file support added to Golden Cheetah. the issue revolved around line endings on the iBike file that a user supplied. the file had CR (old-style Macintosh) line endings, and QTextStream::readLine() doesn’t honor them…reading the entire file at once. the solution was pretty simple: use readLine() THEN split(‘\r’) and loop through […]

  • encoding…

    another headache with GoldenCheetah. trying to implement a new feature – support for iBike CSV files. these files have a bunch of configuration data at the top, which is easy enough to skip, but for some reason the QTextStream::readLine() function is loading the entire file rather than line 1 (at least according to what i […]

  • openGL in a browser

    i enjoyed reading about lissajous curves in brendan dawes’ “analog in, digital out”. specifically he was speaking about iteration and how altering one of the parameters of the algorithm can create vastly different output. inspired by that here’s a sketch expanding the algorithm into 3d. not groundbreaking but it certainly looks pretty. following other’s example […]

  • iteration

    playing with the 3d game of life sketch. i’m still looking to get the rules right, but in the meantime i’ve added a mutation. occasionally the upper rule changes which causes the cells to birth/die in sometimes drastically different ways. also, the colors reflect the age of each cell; they progress from red to blue […]

  • infectious…

    I am coming to believe that the atmosphere at ITP is infectious. Every time I pass through there I come away with this bug to work on another project. I stopped by yesterday while I was in New York, ran into someone I had met at the spring show and had a good chat about […]