Philly Mosaic Mirror

Philly Mosaic Mirror is a projection-installation which was created for the 2005 Fun-a-Day project organized by the Philadelphia-based Artclash Collective. It depicts viewers’ faces as a real-time photo mosaic comprised of a selection from approximately 2000 snapshot photographs taken around Philadelphia over the course of the preceding January.

The physical interface was a large, red arcade button which, when pressed, would save the current image, upload to the website and display a four character code for later retrieval. Strips of paper were provided with the URL and a space to mark the code.

The software was written using Macromedia Director in Lingo and displayed as a six-foot projection directly in front of the viewer. The installation was running on a 500 MHz Titanium PowerBook with a FireWire video camera and achieved about 10 fps. I’ve always had aspirations to rewrite this program to perform better as my programming knowledge was limited at the time.

Gallery of images is available at the original url:


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