there was a jubilant feeling in the air as i rode home through the streets of new york. union square was completely choked with revelers, frequently cheering and chanting.

spontaneous and sporadic cheers or calls of “obama” pierced the night. bedford ave at 6th st in brooklyn was completely choked, filled curb to curb with happy people; hugs and high-fives all around – bicycle bells, whistles and fireworks.

the future is uncertain…but the feeling of hope for better times ahead is something that has long been needed, and i’m cautiously optimistic that it has finally arrived.

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2 responses to “charged”

  1. ashley Avatar

    It was quite a night! And all the crowds, despite their size and inebriation, were so polite and non-destructive. A great showing by Americans all around.

    Also, I miss you! Come back to Philly!

  2. Robert Carlsen Avatar

    ashley! i was there all weekend for halloween…i’m sorry i missed you. i left tuesday after voting. baltimore ave looked amazing in your photos.

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