my first iphone app :)

(i was going for a fisher-price approach with the title…)

regardless, i’ve finally gotten around to iPhone development. my developer account was approved last week, and apple happily took my $99 in exchange for slightly greater access to their website and an application code signing certificate. in preparation, i’ve been reading the requisite docs on objective-c, cocoa and iphone application programming. also, working on golden cheetah got me comfortable (sort of) coding in xcode.

i have plans for an extensive port of cloud reader, but for an initial run here’s a demo video of the follower app from the ITP haunted house running on iphone. it’s simply tracking taps and drags now, but i’d like to use the accelerometer next. check out the video:

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3 responses to “my first iphone app :)”

  1. nick Avatar


    do you have to jailbreak your iphone to install your own apps?

  2. robertcarlsen Avatar

    No, I have an official iPhone dev account, which provides the necessary certificate to provision a testing iPhone and to digitally code sign the application. I plan on releasing software via the App Store which necessitates this route. You can sign up for a free dev account which gives access to the documentation and SDK for writing apps, but you’d be limited to running them on your Mac in the iPhone simulator. I do know that here is an open source toolchain for compiling apps which could then be installed on jailbroken iPhones, but I haven’t tried to use it, yet.
    This app isn’t going to be available any time soon, at least, not in the AppStore. I’m still learning my way around the programming and want to make it more reactive. Also, I understand the application approval process may take some time. In the meantime, it’s fun to see Kara’s eye look around… :)

  3. Justin Avatar

    Hey, that is super cool. Maybe you could get the iris to open and close with the zoom motion of the fingers..


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