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  • 1-2-10: Sensors

    Brainstorming some sensors and possible applications. Two quick examples. Wake-up Coffee and Deflation. There are several habitual activities that I do upon waking up, regardless of what time that ends up being. One of them is to make some coffee. Many coffee makers have timer features, but my preferred device, a single-serving espresso maker does […]

  • 1-2-10: Beyond desktop

    (Oh! Naiveté! A laypersons notes on revolutionizing UIX) 1. Tagging / metadata. – Non-hierarchal storage system. Mandatory (semi-automatic) tagging system. Tags used to enable following spatial recall / gestalt grouping / temporal arrangement. (Spotlight / Google Desktop Search / OpenMeta) 2. Portal – Extension of metaphor of cloud computing. device becomes access to cloud-based data. […]