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  • Visualizing Smell

    The research presented by Leslie Vosshall et al regarding larval olfactory response (ie. smell) provides several challenges in visualizing an invisible sense. There does seem to be evidence that the larvae are drawn to the higher areas of concentration, but how to illustrate that pull? The illustrations in the research’s published work depict greater concentrations […]

  • Visualizing infographic

    Here’s a really interesting infographic. I can’t recall the source, but if someone points me to it I’ll credit them appropriately. I really appreciate how probability is immediately comparable via the relative sizes of the ellipses. Update: Apparently it was published in the National Geographic in August 2006 based on data from the National Safety […]

  • Visualizing: Sense of (small) scale

    Making initial experiments with scale. Used the USB microscope to take images at the two magnifications available (20x and 400x). I was really intrigued with the surface of the computer…both because it was readily available and because the metal is actually quite pitted rather than smooth. There is also a lot of “stuff” in and […]

  • Visualizing: Microscope thoughts

    I got to play with a USB microscope today. The device is pretty simple, and the focus control was difficult to dial in, but the results were fun. There’s something about scale…even the mundane is intriguing when we see it in a novel way and this certainly qualifies. Here are some pics:

  • Sound landscape

    Not satisfied with leaving well enough alone…here’s the current iteration with the sound visualization sketch. Now, the logarithmically averaged spectrum from each sample is rendered along a spiral path. The color is still derived from the loudest band of the averaged spectrum, but there is a clearer depiction of the trends in the sounds.

  • Visualizing: Sound explored

    Taking the previous sketch a bit further. I’m still not satifisfied with this exploration and want to push it more. I adandoned the sonia library in favor of the minim libs, primarily for the ease of averaging the spectrum on a logarithmic scale.

  • Habitual music / sound survey

    1) Approximately how many of your waking hours each day are you listening to music? Of that number of hours, how much of the time is music you’ve chosen to listen to, and how much time is it music from speakers in a store, cafe, friend’s room, etc.? I’ll have to measure, but I’m usually […]

  • Visualizing: Revisualizing Sound

    Progress on the sound sketch. I’m not satisfied with the sketch yet, but I’ve attached two screenshots of the result so far. The applet and source code are available. Of the assignment description, the final sentences drew my attention: “How would you explain it to someone who’s deaf. What is purpose of visualizing sound differently? […]