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I noticed a thread on the Wattage forum that mentioned a new format for Ergomo CSV files. The poster also mentioned that they hadn’t used Golden Cheetah because they thought it was for Linux only. Anyway, I got a copy of an Ergomo CSV file and got to work on making GC.

It was pretty simple to update. Justin had already wrote the code to read in PowerTap csv files. I just wrote in the logic to determine which flavor of CSV was being read and to parse the data in the way GC expects.

Still need more testing. The only Ergomo CSV file I have has German headers (ZEIT,STRECKE…). Hopefully I’ll get other versions of the files to test.





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  1. Jamie Kimberley Avatar
    Jamie Kimberley


    I was thinking that GC was hibernating due to the lack if traffic on the mailing list. Today I updated from SVN, and built rev 182. Low and behold you guys have been busy adding dr. Skiba’s work. I’ve never heard of these algorithms, and I stumbled upon your blog. FWIW it seem to have built fine on my G4 10.4.11 although the icon is not wrapped into the app bundle. the .icns file is there but the desktop icon is the default application icon. Interestingly enough, the GC icon does show up in the menu bar.

    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help with the next release. I’m not up to speed at programming, but I might be able to help with documentation and testing.

  2. Robert Carlsen Avatar
    Robert Carlsen

    That’s great…I’m glad it’s working. And I like to extend a thanks for being the first comment on my blog :) I’ve been keeping this as a reference for myself since I’m inevitably going to forget what I’ve done a couple months down the road…but I’m happy that it’s been helpful to you.

    I’d think that the best way to get involved would be to ping the mailing list…since we all get those messages. We have a few things that we’d like to add before the next release…but we’re more interested in getting the release out there. I’ve mentioned that we should have been having our recent discussions on the mailing list to let people know that we’ve been active…and your comments indicate that it was true.

    The BikeScore code was actually added in the summer for TSS/NP, but we ran into issues with Peaksware (the makers of WKO who’ve licensed TSS/NP) so it was sitting in limbo until Dr. Skiba stepped up and gave us his algorithms.

    Regarding the icon bundle…I’m not sure. The icns bundle is on my recent builds of GC. Two things to check for: Look for “gc.icns” in “src/gui/images”, and make sure that “RC_FILE = images/gc.icns” is in the file. This should put gc.icns in the Contents/Resources folder of the app, and it should add "<key>CFBundleIconFile</key><string>gc.icns</string>" to info.plist. The menu bar icon is a separate bit of code.

    BTW, are you running PPC or Intel? I have a Universal build that I’d like to test.

  3. Jamie Kimberley Avatar
    Jamie Kimberley

    Yeah, I was really excited when you sent out the patch that added the NP/TSS support, but was bummed when the licensing issues came up. I’m actually still using that build, well was :)

    I’m on a PPC, but will be getting an Intel machine shortly ( i think). I have a friend on an Intel if you want I can ask her to give it a try if you need an intel machine.

    I looked at the app bundle and there .icns file is there (under contents/resourses, and the “CFBundleIconFilegc.icns” field is in the .plist, but the value is blank. I tried setting the value using the plist editor, but didn’t get any changes. That said, it is easy enough to do it manually before making a .dmg for distribution.

    I’ll post something to the mailing list with regard to the icon issue, I’m not sure if sean wants the xpower stuff out of the bag yet.

  4. Robert Carlsen Avatar

    Hey there…I noticed that WordPress removed the tags I had left in the plist code before. I’ve edited the post to reflect the correct XML. The key should be “CFBundleIconFile” and the value should be “gc.icns”.

    I’ll send you the Universal Binary that I compiled on my Intel Mac version that I’d like to test. I think that I’ve finally sorted the build issues but I’m holding my excitement until I’ve tested on some other systems.

    I had been using the TSS version of GC myself. I got in some hot water for releasing that patch, but I’m glad that someone else was able to make good use of it.

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