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  • Compiling Golden Cheetah with Twitter+OAuth

    Justin added a Twitter posting feature to Golden Cheetah a couple weeks ago. However, it used basic authentication, which Twitter has announced is going away in favor of OAuth only. So, after several more days of coding he did a bang up job of rolling in support using liboauth. Now, getting liboauth and it’s prerequisites […]

  • Golden Cheetah featured on nyvelocity.com

    Golden Cheetah has gotten a really nice write-up on the “bike racing, news and events” site nyvelocity.com. The article was featured on the front page for a time, sporting the brand new icon from Dan Schmalz. A couple of weeks ago I sat down with Andy Shen over lunch and discussed the project, it’s developer community […]

  • Golden Cheetah 1.2.0rc1

    Golden Cheetah is about to release a new version. There have been extensive updates…some great, unique new features for analyzing cycling power training data. The full feature list will be announced with the official release. In brief: direct SRM download colorized power zones in plots altitude (from supported files) WKO file support (including bulk import) […]

  • Golden Cheetah 1.0.277 released!

    Golden Cheetah 1.0.277 released!

  • qmake / xcode bug

    super annoying…Qt advertises that you can make an xcode project file using qmake to enable native development on mac…i had never been able to get the golden cheetah project working in this way, even after following what little documentation i could find. each time i’d run “qmake -spec macx-xcode” would result in a non-parseable xcodeproj […]

  • oh, hello there.

    oops. school’s out and i’ve completely ignored documentation. looking to correct that, please accept the following communiqué: the winter show went very well – it seemed that cloud reader was well received. most of the favorable comments were split among two categories…those which really liked the performative aspect of the project and could envision it […]

  • success!

    finally got the iBike CSV file support added to Golden Cheetah. the issue revolved around line endings on the iBike file that a user supplied. the file had CR (old-style Macintosh) line endings, and QTextStream::readLine() doesn’t honor them…reading the entire file at once. the solution was pretty simple: use readLine() THEN split(‘\r’) and loop through […]

  • encoding…

    another headache with GoldenCheetah. trying to implement a new feature – support for iBike CSV files. these files have a bunch of configuration data at the top, which is easy enough to skip, but for some reason the QTextStream::readLine() function is loading the entire file rather than line 1 (at least according to what i […]

  • GoldenCheetah for Windows…

    …is alive! Justin and I have sorted out the connection issues with the USB cradle. We needed to explicitly set up the communication parameters before trying to speak to the PowerTap. We changed D2XX.cpp:open() (For my bigger brain): ftStatus = FT_SetBaudRate(ftHandle,9600); ftStatus = FT_SetDataCharacteristics(ftHandle,\ FT_BITS_8,\ FT_STOP_BITS_1,\ FT_PARITY_NONE); if (ftStatus != FT_OK) { err = QString(“FT_SetDataCharacteristics: […]

  • GoldenCheetah…on Windows

    Very exciting development….GoldenCheetah has been ported to Windows. Justin Knotzke did most of the leg work and got the first build going. He helped hold my hand through getting my Windows development environment set up. Through much debugging I was able to pinpoint where the device communication was failing…and realized that there was an issue […]