GoldenCheetah for Windows…

Golden Cheetah on Windows…is alive!

Justin and I have sorted out the connection issues with the USB cradle. We needed to explicitly set up the communication parameters before trying to speak to the PowerTap.

We changed D2XX.cpp:open() (For my bigger brain):

ftStatus = FT_SetBaudRate(ftHandle,9600);
ftStatus = FT_SetDataCharacteristics(ftHandle,\
if (ftStatus != FT_OK) {
    err = QString("FT_SetDataCharacteristics: %1").arg(ftStatus);

ftStatus = FT_SetFlowControl (ftHandle,\
    '0','0'); //the 0's are ignored
if (ftStatus != FT_OK) {
    err = QString("FT_SetFlowControl: %1").arg(ftStatus);

This opens the serial connection at 9600 baud, no parity check, one stop bit and no flow control using the D2XX driver from FTDI.

I’m going to have to write up a description of all of the build steps necessary to get it to compile in win32. The code base is the same, but the compile flags and environment have to be set up in a certain way. Also, we need libregex.a, libftd2xx.a and a linker script which aren’t provided in the GoldenCheetah source tree.

The windows binary is ready for testing, we just need to make it easily available somehow. Hooray. I need a break.

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