fully committed to the cloud…

what a long strange trip it’s been?

i wrote “sold out” on the face of my first mobile (erm, cell) phone. i’ve always been interested in technology, but the pervasiveness of cell phones turned me off…and like EZ Pass i wanted to have nothing do with them.

now as an avid iPhone owner (and before that several Nokia, Sony Eriksson, and iPaq smart phones and PDAs) i think i have to admit submission to the allure of the cloud lifestyle.

my personal data is becoming more accessible online…there is danger in that to be sure…but the promise of ubiquitious access is too much to ignore. i’m busier that i’ve been in years and don’t have the time to manually move and synchronize data across several disparate devices.

over the air sync = awesome. as long as i have access to the cloud i have access to my data. our devices are becoming most valuable as portals to data. they still have usefulness in and of themselves, to be sure…for example i’m writing this on a laptop while waiting for motion graphics to render in the background. i don’t need to be connected to the cloud to create work, although i did need to access the studio computer to grab the most recent version of the art files, and when the render is complete i’ll upload the clip to my server awaiting delivery to the client 100 miles away.

i can be anywhere yet everywhere at once as long as i have a solid and fast connection to the cloud. it’s futile to resist…and liberating to embrace.






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