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  • moar Fusion!

    Fusion Tables is neat. Google describes it as ‘an experimental data visualization web application to gather, visualize, and share larger data tables’. Last year I tried out their API which was mostly based on sending SQL statements to create and manipulate tables. Recently, I looked at Fusion Tables again as part of an imminent upgrade […]

  • openID! FTW?

    so, i finally set up an openID service using my blog URL as the identity. it was a pretty simple affair using phpMyID….this is for a single user (me) after all. there are other openID packages…i tried simpleid first, which looked promising, but had some issues with caching persistent logins…their php scripts had a bugaboo […]

  • fully committed to the cloud…

    what a long strange trip it’s been? i wrote “sold out” on the face of my first mobile (erm, cell) phone. i’ve always been interested in technology, but the pervasiveness of cell phones turned me off…and like EZ Pass i wanted to have nothing do with them. now as an avid iPhone owner (and before […]

  • i’m going slightly mad…

    …sitting here looking for apartments 100 miles away. i suppose it could be worse – it could be 200 or 2000 miles away. regardless, weeks of filtering out all the noise in the available listings is taking it’s toll. understanding the situation in my neighborhood i fully expect brooklyn to be similar in that things […]