Observation of popular technology…nib.

The first bit of our notes from our observation of folks using tech in Brooklyn. I’ll fill in the rest of the notes and a cleaned up version of our discussion.

About 30 seconds.
Using dryer
Operating machine. Slipping a plastic card into slot on machine. Repeatedly.
Waited for a few momnts, then moved to try a machine a few down the row.
Apparently trying to pay for machine.
1 person.
Hands, Holding card. Sight, look a slot and line up card. Arm, to lift card and insert.

Laundromat. Driggs at Metropolitan
Change machine.
Looking to convert paper money to coinage.
1 person using the machine, one person waiting.
Touching, finger. Standing at the machine. Looking at the button selections. Entering the paper money into the machine. Waiting for the change.

Coffee shop. Havemeyer at grand
Reading, typing, listening, mostly on computers-laptops.
Some alone. Some with other people.
(heard an AOL “you’ve got mail” announcement)
Maybe 20 people total in the shop.
Those in pairs are talking despite using the computer at the same time
Those alone seem to be quiet and staring intently at the computer screen.
Some seem to be engaged for a long time, 15 minutes it more. Others seem to be getting specific tasks done and putting the computer aside.
Some pairs are showing each other thugs on their screens.
Hands typing. Looking at screens. Talking with each other. Sitting. Able to take some time since they are sitting and eating/drinking.
Can pick up and move the computer. One woman took it with her from the table to the counter. One pair of women switch seamlessly between English and german. The barista switches from Italian to english.






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