Category: Intro to Physical Computing

  • space

    In reaction to seeing my research on the cycling proximity project Jane sent me some really interesting information about Edward Hall and his work on Proxemics. I’m still reading up on the concept, but in brief it pertains to the study of space that individuals maintain in various social interactions and specifically how several cultures […]

  • next step…the world!

    i got around to working directly with the Arduino’s microchip, the ATmega168, and built my first Arduino on a breadboard. part of the reason is cost…an Arduino Diecimila is $30, even the Barebones Arduino and similar clones are about $15. A raw ATmega168 chip is about $4, and the remaining parts (sans breadboard) are about […]

  • data logging…mobile

    (this is an initial report for a longer post) in conducting field research for the CycleSense bicycle proximity sensor i’m looking to gather data about actual proximity events while riding and to correlate these events with video documentation and personal annotation from the test subject…probably just me. to that end, i’ve worked on rigging up […]

  • Proximity and Attitude!

    Adam, Karla and I are working together on our physical computing midterm. We’re looking to generate sound from the wearer’s environment and create some type of “musical” device that they can play. Some of the stimuli that we’ve figured could be measured are proximity of external objects to the wearer, their movement / motion (speed, […]

  • skull control (via serial)

    Started up working with basic motor control, ended up hacking into an existing Halloween candy bowl talking skull.

  • Reverse engineering…

    So, Tom asked us to try to figure out how the circuit in the 24 switch pixel works. It’s an array of 24 physical switches arranged in three banks of eight switches which enable the user to control an RGB LED in a manner similar to 24-bit digital color. He told us that the circuit […]

  • Observation of popular technology…nib.

    The first bit of our notes from our observation of folks using tech in Brooklyn. I’ll fill in the rest of the notes and a cleaned up version of our discussion.

  • Sweaty palms…

    Next project…attempt to have more fun. Sort-of achieved. I spent more time conceptualizing, however this proved to be at the exense of my construction time. I’ll have to find a balance…. So, the task was to create a type of “Love-o-meter”…inspired by the sort of device you’d find at a boardwalk or shopping mall…

  • Lab: Breadboards redeux

    Finally got some breadboards and set them up with power regulators and all. Then got to make some simple circuits. Yay electricity!

  • Physical Computing: Digital In/Out

    I’ve worked with the Arduino before, but still enjoy the wonderful moment when an LED blinks to life. I have a lot to learn about building circuits, proper wiring and clean / efficient code structure. A lot of what I do amounts to hacks to get a desired functionality. Of course, this builds complexity which […]