Proximity and Attitude!

Adam, Karla and I are working together on our physical computing midterm. We’re looking to generate sound from the wearer’s environment and create some type of “musical” device that they can play. Some of the stimuli that we’ve figured could be measured are proximity of external objects to the wearer, their movement / motion (speed, direction, orientation, heading), ambient light, temperature, etc. Additionally we’re thinking of explicit interactions for the wearer including gesture, moving hands / fingers, walking, etc.

I’m primarily interested in sensing the environment. To that end i got to messing around with an ultrasonic rangefinder and an accelerometer to familiarize myself with their basic circuits and output values.

They are easy to set up, however I anticipate that interpreting the values into meaningful data will be a challenge. For the moment, below are the circuits and a quick experiement in translating proximity into sound.

Simple Accelerometer setup (ADXL330):

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  1. Kara Schlindwein Avatar
    Kara Schlindwein

    looks really neat. can’t wait to see the final project. keep tinkering!

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