Month: November 2008

  • space

    In reaction to seeing my research on the cycling proximity project Jane sent me some really interesting information about Edward Hall and his work on Proxemics. I’m still reading up on the concept, but in brief it pertains to the study of space that individuals maintain in various social interactions and specifically how several cultures […]

  • IPhone OS 2.2 is go!

    After the great, quick reaction by the iPhone dev team in updating the Pwnage and QuickPwn tools for the 2.2 firmware release, I upgraded my device this evening. The update couldn’t have come sooner…my phone had been acting oddly since upgrading to 2.0. (long delays in loading several apps – SMS, Contacts, Safari…icons would wiggle […]

  • pressure…

    …i always feel pressure to write something useful here…knowing that it’s linked to from the blog blender and that there is a steady stream of visitors (well, a really small number, but consistent…so let’s acll that a “steady stream”, ok?) – damn you google analytics! i never cared until i added that, although it did […]

  • hateful

    i hate losing things….in this case my house keys and special lever for my bicycle wheels. my exhaustion and a faulty carabiner keychain conspired to drop my keys on the NYC sidewalk with me unawares. i didn’t realize it until i was standing at my doorstep in greenpoint at 3am, in the cold and windy […]

  • sense-o-llage

    combining the various sense visualizations into a collage. each layer is taken from a separate project. the overall guiding comment in this arrangement is that sound envelops and vision centers my awareness looking forward to the final project for visualizing senses, i’m thinking of working with touch and space. several projects that i’ve investigated for […]

  • next step…the world!

    i got around to working directly with the Arduino’s microchip, the ATmega168, and built my first Arduino on a breadboard. part of the reason is cost…an Arduino Diecimila is $30, even the Barebones Arduino and similar clones are about $15. A raw ATmega168 chip is about $4, and the remaining parts (sans breadboard) are about […]

  • data logging…mobile

    (this is an initial report for a longer post) in conducting field research for the CycleSense bicycle proximity sensor i’m looking to gather data about actual proximity events while riding and to correlate these events with video documentation and personal annotation from the test subject…probably just me. to that end, i’ve worked on rigging up […]

  • looking back…

    Jody and I created this in-camera piece during class for 2×2. We’ve had to move to the Moon in the next hundred years and the Earth becomes uninhabitable. This is a nostalgic look back at a slice of New York City

  • charged

    there was a jubilant feeling in the air as i rode home through the streets of new york. union square was completely choked with revelers, frequently cheering and chanting. spontaneous and sporadic cheers or calls of “obama” pierced the night.

  • historic (visualizations)

    wow. what a night. exhausted but filled with hope. the visualizations of the results as they filtered in were great, but the new york times seemed best. specifically that you could zoom in and also look at historical results by state or county. great work