openID! FTW?

so, i finally set up an openID service using my blog URL as the identity. it was a pretty simple affair using phpMyID….this is for a single user (me) after all. there are other openID packages…i tried simpleid first, which looked promising, but had some issues with caching persistent logins…their php scripts had a bugaboo sending an array to the md5() function when it was expecting a string. i tracked down where the array was coming from ($_SESSION[‘user’]) but couldn’t clear the bug.

anyway…holding my brand spanking new openID high, i set out to use it to authenticate my credentials to….well, no one of consequence. for all this chatter of openID from the big players (google, yahoo, microsoft) it looks like they are all offering their own, already existing account authentication as openID providers. that’s not what i want at all. i have an openID provider… is all the proof i need to verify my identity using openID.

someone please tell me that i’ve missed something glaringly simple….and that there are several major sites that will allow me to use my openID…not their accounts as openIDs for…who? i can’t find another major site that is allowing me to USE the openIDs they all are boasting to offer…comments?





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