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particles-iphoneI’ve heard about openFrameworks 0.6 (as of yet unreleased) and specifically efforts to support building apps using oF for the iPhone. There are a few developers who have published videos of their efforts and even several apps in the AppStore.

Memo Atken has a very informative article about setting up the prerelease 0.6 version for use with the ofxiPhone addon. However, there is a HUGE simplification of the steps necessary for getting the supporting libraries installed for use with iPhone.

Update: freetype/freeimage building instructions have been posted.

GLU, FreeType and FreeImage need to be built for use with the iPhone. GLU has a nice iPhone specific project and worked flawlessly. I looked around to see if there were ARM/iPhone built versions of the FreeImage and FreeType libraries already available, but couldn’t find anything. In the end, I hacked up their respective Makefiles and configure options and eventually got everything compiled. I’ve never had to manually cross-compile code, and I don’t *actually* know what I’m doing…but I can sure copy-paste like a fiend.

Eventually, I’ll post the specific changes I made, but I want to test it a bit before I expose my embarrassing level of hackery. In the meantime let me know if you’re itching to get your own environments set up and I’ll do what I can.

For my “hello world” app I ported the particle system from the TrafficFlow project over to the iPhone. It was originally written using oF 0.5 and c++ in xcode, so it was relatively trivial to update for the iPhone with the ofxiPhone addon. I’m using ofx-dev as the codebase. Using the built-in multi touch library sure beats building the computer vision tracking we’re using for the table! Teaser video below.






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  1. Julien Avatar

    Very nice Robert! Congratulations and thanks for sharing.
    Can you detail exactly how you managed for freetype and freeimage? Or provide and archive?

  2. Jeff Avatar

    Have you had any luck testing out those freetype and freeimage makefiles yet? I am desperate to get my hands on them.

  3. robertcarlsen Avatar

    Yes, I just got confirmation from someone else that it worked for them…so I’ll be posting them in the next day or so when I get a chance to clean up the documentation…walkthough-style.

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