1-2-10: Cloud Reader interface comps

cloud-reader-splashThe first web interface wireframes for Cloud Reader. Overall comments: too busy, too complicated for what is supposed to be a simple service. Good advice, back to the sketching.

Using largely the same overall layout with both of these comps. The pattern proved to be too busy, and of course, the logo is too gratuitous.
The second color scheme is more promising. Creating the wireframes has gotten me to reconsider the scope of the proposed service…just what types of content is appropriate for this format (besides short-form poetry, of course).

Also got the first demo of Cloud Reader working on the iPhone. I ported the java version to openframeworks, then compiled it as an iPhone app. It’s far too slow at the moment to be acceptable, but it’s a proof-of-concept. I’m sure that it could be optimized, but I’m wary of the text handling in OpenGLES…and of how openframeworks does it. I’m not looking forward to having to manually implement this to get useful performance.







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