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  • LEITv: Fly or Pie show

    This assignment was to develop a concept around a two-screen, live event experience; specifically, using TV and computer via internet. Our group’s concept was a variety-style, Gong Show inspired show with binary voting from viewers to determine via aggregate whether a performance was Fly (a rousing success) or Pie (a miserable failure) which received a […]

  • it’s real (time) !

    after a couple of late nights, i have a proof-of-concept in the real-time cycling-related datalogging. the reasons behind the project are still getting sorted, but lately my interest in ubiquitous urban sensor networks has been piqued and this is a tentative exploration in that area. sensors don’t have to remain static as part of physical […]

  • coda

    i recently switched to Coda for web development. now, i don’t do much web dev any longer…mostly for myself (as evidenced my this latest overhaul of robertcarlsen.net – which amounts to theme hacking, really). i never had a problem with tabbing through several programs to get the job done, but i like Panic’s style. the […]

  • 1-2-10: Cloud Reader interface comps

    The first web interface wireframes for Cloud Reader. Overall comments: too busy, too complicated for what is supposed to be a simple service. Good advice, back to the sketching.

  • 1-2-10: NY DMV redesign

    Our first assignment was to redesign the front page of the New York State Motor Vehicle Services website. I’ve recently had to navigate it to update my driver’s license, and found it very frustrating to use. The front page is overwhelming in the number of links and choices initially presented. In the spirit of John […]

  • i’m going slightly mad…

    …sitting here looking for apartments 100 miles away. i suppose it could be worse – it could be 200 or 2000 miles away. regardless, weeks of filtering out all the noise in the available listings is taking it’s toll. understanding the situation in my neighborhood i fully expect brooklyn to be similar in that things […]

  • plugging in…

    i’m trying out the flock browser…since it seems that a large focus of my upcoming semester at ITP is going to be on the implications of the rise of the social web…i figure i might as well jump in whole heartedly. i’m still reconciling privacy issues in the wake of the myspace generation but i’ll […]