i’m going slightly mad…

…sitting here looking for apartments 100 miles away. i suppose it could be worse – it could be 200 or 2000 miles away. regardless, weeks of filtering out all the noise in the available listings is taking it’s toll. understanding the situation in my neighborhood i fully expect brooklyn to be similar in that things can change from block to block…and without an intimate knowledge of the area i feel a bit blind.

relatively new tools such are google’s street view and various mashups have helped, but i still feel lost in all this. the difference in rental prices between philadelphia and new york also smart and are making it difficult to think objectively about where i want to live versus where i can afford to live….come on jackpot!

there has to be a better way….i’ll be giving the old methods a try tomorrow by <gasp> heading up there to ask to look at apartments in person…crazy, i know! wild times we live in…





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