Month: February 2008

  • I Like Math…

    …which doesn’t mean that I understand it. However, it does seem to have the uncanny ability to predict how some things will behave and certainly can make come cool looking stuff. Expanding on the spirographs from the other day, here’s a modified version which will iterate through a range of .1-10.0 for r and R. […]

  • Oh! The Places You’ll Go…

    I was messing around with generative drawing for the Processing class I’m teaching…and started playing with spirographs (my bigger brain, ie. Google and Wikipedia, reveals that they are called hypotrochoids). The algorithms are quite simple: x = (R – r) * cos(theta) + d * cos((((R-r)/r)*theta)); y = (R – r) * sin(theta) – d […]

  • Moving Forward

    What a week. Really busy with projects under deadline, but it’s over…for the moment. Golden Cheetah has only a couple more features that we’re looking to include before the release. I also finally got on my bike with regular frequency this week. I’m looking forward to focusing more on my classes and riding in the […]

  • Fun-A-Day 4

    The fourth annual fun-a-day show was last night at Studio 34 Yoga in West Philadelphia. As always, it was a mad rush to get ready, a blur of an evening then an exhausted aftermath. Here’s what it looked like compressed to 30 seconds. Get the Flash Player to see this content.

  • More features

    I noticed a thread on the Wattage forum that mentioned a new format for Ergomo CSV files. The poster also mentioned that they hadn’t used Golden Cheetah because they thought it was for Linux only. Anyway, I got a copy of an Ergomo CSV file and got to work on making GC. It was pretty […]

  • Universal!

    Golden Cheetah is universal! (i hope) I spent most of the evening setting up my development environment to get Golden Cheetah to compile as a universal OS X application. This would be made easier if I actually knew what I was doing. In the end, I recompiled Qt4.3.1 and QWT5.0.2 as universal before I could […]

  • Almost there…

    Golden Cheetah is on the verge of a new release. Sean’s committed Justin and my changes for BikeScore and metric/english preference into the svn trunk. I’ve cleaned up some of the user interface and have compiled an OS X Intel version. More importantly, we now have a desktop icon for the application under OS X…it’s […]

  • Golden Cheetah

    We sorted out the build issues largely, however I still haven’t been able to confirm if the problem was isolated to the target machine or to 10.4 in general. Regardless, the Dr. Phil Skiba’s BikeScore algorithm has been incorporated by Justin Knotzke using a bit of the code I had originally developed for Dr. Coggan’s […]

  • op art

    in preparation for the processing class i’m teaching this spring, i’m reviewing casey and ben’s book which i’m using as a textbook for the course. i noticed a mention of the paintings of bridget riley as influence for a series of images titled “riley waves”. i remember creating a similar optical illusion using hand cut […]

  • headache resolved (sort of)

    after rebuilding GoldenCheetah every which way I could think of to get it to run on 10.4 Intel, the end solution for this specific case was to upgrade the target computer to 10.5. i’m not satisfied with this, but am too busy with other work to invest more time on it for now.