Several software development projects I’m working on or have contributed to. I use a github respository for any code that I’m looking to share. Feel free to check in with the issue tracker at


This clock displays the hour, minute and second digits of the current time in binary representation. To read the time, add lit bits in each column. Enable learning mode using the left menu item to reveal each bit’s value. Two display modes are available – Binary Coded Decimal and Sexagesimal. Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) uses a separate column for the tens and ones components of each number in base 10. Sexagesimal uses one column to depict each integer in base 60.

Mobile Logger

map viewRecord location, heading, speed, altitude, accelerometer, sound level, trip duration and distance to storage on the device. Each log can be viewed on a map and individual samples inspected. Export logs via e-mail in CSV, JSON or Golden Cheetah format. Data can be automatically uploaded while recording as well. Available in the Apple App Store and on GitHub.

ShairPort Menu

A simple OS X status bar menu wrapper for ShairPort / HairTunes ShairPort is an open source AirPort Express emulator from James Laird.


followerIt started as a prop for an Haunted House at ITP – an eye which used video tracking to follow people as they walked past in the hallway. Reengineered as an iPhone app which uses the accelerometer to control the position of the eye. Also has modes where it acts on it’s own accord and is generally creepy. I like it a lot. Currently I’m gathering materials for a proper release of this to the AppStore.


pinwheelEvery Apple device seems to have a need for a Pinwheel / Beachball of Doom. Inserting the pinwheel into your own photos is fun, too. Stabbing at and flicking the pinwheel around feels cathartic in a way.

(unnamed) Tilt Game

particles-iphoneThis is a simple accelerometer based game for iPhone. It started as an excuse use openFrameworks for iPhone app development but I quickly found it to be engaging while killing time (in the subway, ordering food, in class…). I also wrote a simple C++ wrapper for the Objective-C UIAlertView to use for the game, which is available to all.


An iPhone native client for 

SHIFD, called Slide. Right now it’s overly simplistic, but I much prefer a native app to the mobile web app. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it as a learning project or also invest the time and resources to make it another released application.

Golden Cheetah

golden-cheetahThis is an open source, cycling power training analysis program. Several devices are available with record the power cyclists generate while riding. This data can be used to analyze and determine appropriate, effective training programs. Golden Cheetah is the only open-source, cross-platform power training software available (I believe). I’ve been involved as a developer and maintainer of the project for several years and use it for my own cycling training.

pyLoggerBT This is a simple data logger for bluetooth-enabled S60 mobile phones. It will timestamp and record any data received over a bluetooth serial connection to a local file in CSV format. It’s written in python and can either be run as a script in the Python app, or can be installed as a self-contained standalone app (bundling the Python runtime).


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