[First public presentation at the ITP 2009 Winter Show.]


Bicycle riders generally have little suspension available to them to cushion rough city roads and paths. Impact from the road surface travels right through the bike and is absorbed by my arms, legs and saddle. This contributes to fatigue but often occurs unconsciously as the act of navigating through traffic demands persistent attention. I wondered, just what forces do I experience while riding?

Bicycle rides were recorded over several months using sensors and a mobile phone. Currently, I’m using a custom iPhone data logging application. The visualization displays an aggregate of the largest forces as well as a detailed view of individual rides. Spots that are significantly rough which I repeatedly ride over build up as bright red areas (especially noticeable along my commute through the East Village and Lower East Side).

Some background on the project’s progress:

Special thanks to Abe and Tyler from Outlier for early support of the project.



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