catching up to do.

the lead up to midterms at ITP have nearly caused me to shut down a bit…but now that my physical computing project has been presented i can begin to see through to the other side and make preparations for the rest of the semester. it’s going by so quickly…

there’s much documentation to catch up on, i just need a moment to get on with it.

lili cheng, an ITP alumna who runs the creative systems group at microsoft research, came to speak for our applications class last evening. one thing she said really resonated with me….creativity seems to be diminished when we are overworked and in survival mode. the anecdote she told to bring up the point was just after she returned to the research group after being pulled away to work in a harried atmosphere on the Vista launch. When she got back to the group she said that she struggled for several weeks to come up with new creative projects to work on.

i don’t have the luxury of down time, but i’m hoping that i can push past through this period and get into a better, creative, head space.





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