IPhone OS 2.2 is go!

After the great, quick reaction by the iPhone dev team in updating the Pwnage and QuickPwn tools for the 2.2 firmware release, I upgraded my device this evening.

The update couldn’t have come sooner…my phone had been acting oddly since upgrading to 2.0. (long delays in loading several apps – SMS, Contacts, Safari…icons would wiggle after only a brief press -as if the interface never registered the press release – due to lag? Frequent slowdowns relieved by rebooting every other day) The 1.1.4 version had been the best, most responsive and stable release in my experience, and if not for the added features of 2.0 I would have gone back a long time ago.

It’s too soon to tell if 2.2 will last, but initial impressions are very promising. The interface seems to react quicker, the new trip features in Maps look great and the keyboard is able to keep up with two fingered typing now (which I had great difficulty with before – too much lag). Although the restore took a good, long while, backing up and syncing went smoothly afterwards.

I hope it lasts…

UPDATE: the icons just did the lagging press, wiggle thing again :(

UPDATE 2: i removed winterboard and haven’t had issues since.






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