Playing with matches…and Cinder

mobile-logger-global-mapLate last week The Barbarian Group released Cinder, their previously in-house C++ framework (codenamed Flint). I’d heard about it through Robert Hodgin’s blog posts / experiments, and again this past winter when Andrew from TBG spoke with me about my ITP Show Project, seismi{c}ycling, which was created in openFrameworks.

It’s been released under a permissive open source license and is well organized. The online reference is a bit technical (compared to Processing or oF’s reference sections), but the framework comes with many well commented example projects.

Since I don’t have enough to do in the waning days of my ITP thesis, I’ve decided to create my cycling data visualizations using Cinder and have been enjoying the experience (as much as one can when under deadlines). Classes seem well thought out and there are many convenience methods and overloaded operators for common tasks when putting together a quick viz. The entire package (at least on OS X) feels unified.

Anyway, that’s my initial impression…only a few more days to go. Here’s an initial (rudimentary) animation of global Mobile Logger users which I’ll be using in my presentation on Friday. The most interesting moment is April 12th, when the app went public in the App Store. Prior to that it was mostly myself and a handful of beta testers.



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