GoldenCheetah…on Windows

GoldenCheetah Windows - SummaryVery exciting development….GoldenCheetah has been ported to Windows. Justin Knotzke did most of the leg work and got the first build going. He helped hold my hand through getting my Windows development environment set up.

Through much debugging I was able to pinpoint where the device communication was failing…and realized that there was an issue with the installed drivers. After a bunch of tinkering with the drivers, and ensuring that I was using the correct ftd2xx.h file it finally started to read from the PowerTap via the USB cradle.

Finally, we had to switch to Qt’s methods for creating a temporary file and writing out the data. In the process a bit of the data formatting got mixed up and created corrupted .raw files which caused GC to crash when the invalid file was read back in. The important bit (for my own future reference) was to setFieldWidth(2) for the data byte, then setFieldWidth(1) when adding the space delimiter or linefeed chars. It made the code a bit less elegant, but more importantly, it works.

GoldenCheetah Windows - Plot

So, more tinkering here on the newly minted Windows build of GoldenCheetah…then out to the mailing list for beta testing.





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