Thinking Physically: {h}ears

big-ears-frontmegaphones for ears. inspired by prince, tigre and penguin.

i’ve always been a cat person. when i lived with my first cat i’d watch his ears swivel as he would listen to the sounds around us. sometimes i’d make quiet noises when he was looking away to see if he’d turn his ears toward me.

it is easy, of course, to accomplish a shadow of his ability by cupping my hands behind my ears…but i wanted to try something much more foolish.

big-ear-sideenter the {h}ears. cardboard with hook and loop fasteners is curled around the ear into a horn, similar to an old phonograph or megaphone. they are light enough to stay put without being held while walking. hearing is (arguably) more directional while they are worn. this first prototype evokes more of a mouse ear than a cat ear, but there is always version two.

drawing-boardback to the drawing board – literally. it was really nice to draft by hand for a change rather than start at the keyboard. i may be onto something :)

here’s the template for your own {h}ears.





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  2. Caroline Avatar

    I’m starting to really wish I was in this class…

  3. Church Punks Avatar
    Church Punks

    Hey brother thank you the template, i am leading a bible study at camp and the theme is Church Punks: How God can use kids. One of the days is about listen to when the Lord calls and my boys are gonna have fun making these huge ears…thanks and God bless.

  4. Harriet Avatar

    I am currently completing my doctoral thesis about Listening and would like to use one of the photographs which I found on your website. It will only be used for my thesis and there will be no commercial aspect to it. Is it ok for me to use it please?

    Many thanks for your help.

    With best wishes

    H. French

  5. Robert Avatar

    Yes, that would be fine. Please credit the photo source somewhere.

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