Spatial Media: Fivesies

couch_fives_startThe couch is often prime space in a living room during social gatherings and securing a spot on it can be a priority. Eventually, the couch sitter will have to get up, to use the restroom, to get a drink or snacks, to take a phone call, etc.. “Calling fives” or “fivesies” declares your intention to leave only momentarily and requests (demands!) that your seat be reserved for five minutes. There are times when someone walks into the room in your absence and is unaware that “fives” had been called on the vacant couch seat or others when the time remaining is in question. This display will let everyone know the couch “fivesies” status.

couch_fives_endSensors in the couch will detect when someone has just gotten up. A microphone will listen for a brief window for an audio signal to trigger the seat reservation; “Fives”, “fivesies” are the default trigger. If the audio trigger is noted, the area which had just previously been sat on will be indicated as reserved with a color field and remaining time by an overhead projector.






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