1-2-10: Cloud Reader logos

Some exploration of possible logos for the Cloud Reader project. I think the silhouette of the cloud is a bit literal, but most responses from the class were supportive of it.


The first version of the logo. Many people indicated that it reads as “cloud beader”.

logo1_revised Revision of the first logo to enhance the readability of the word “reader”.

logo1-sm_altFirst take on the iconified version of the logo. Complaints of the angular nature of Helvetica Bold against the curve of the cloud. I actually really like the tension at the upper right of the “R”.

logo1-sm_alt2 Revision of the iconified version of the logo.

The following are the rest of the logos that were created in the first round and rejected for various reasons. I still like the playfulness of the “CR” series. I’ll likely use it for something else in the future.







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