openFrameworks knitting circle

Had a really nice time tonight at the oF knitting circle held at Parsons in NYC. Saw several really inspiring projects and spoke to several people about using openFrameworks for iPhone development and showed the current version of the particle game using ofxiPhoneAlertView.

Quite a few folks mentioned that they have become interested in openFrameworks after hearing about it’s use for creating iPhone applications. While not every app is suitable, I saw a few really nice examples. My only regret is not getting the name of the fellow who was working with creating a sound wrapper.

The wiki page for the knitting circle is at the openFrameworks wiki.






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  1. Steve Varga Avatar

    Yo Rob! This is Steve Varga, I was one of your students at TCNJ way back in the day. I see you’re going to knitting circles now for oF and are into the iPhone stuff, thats awesome! I’m currently going into my 2nd year at parsons and i’m super into oF (not so much the iPhone stuff but getting into it) and Zach Lieberman was telling me you were giving some workshops for ITP….small world. Hopefully see you at the next knitting circle (I was in China last time) and show you some stuff I’ve been up to


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