Category: 2×2

  • looking back…

    Jody and I created this in-camera piece during class for 2×2. We’ve had to move to the Moon in the next hundred years and the Earth becomes uninhabitable. This is a nostalgic look back at a slice of New York City

  • Autobahn.

    Commuting. I really want to permanently install a cheap digital camera on my handlebars with a remote swtich somewhere so I could take really quick pics while I ride…I see a lot of weird stuff every day…

  • 2×2: Emotion

    The 2×2 class engages us in creating media designed for mobile (handheld) devices. Specificly, we’re going for 2 minute durations presented on 2″ screens. This assignment was to capture a specific emotion. View the video below:

  • 2×2: Comfort food – Mac ‘n Cheese

    Comfort food in 120 characters or less: Blend soy milk, tofu, tamari, oil, nutritional yeast, water, garlic powder. Pour onto cooked pasta. Bake until golden.