Commuting. I really want to permanently install a cheap digital camera on my handlebars with a remote swtich somewhere so I could take really quick pics while I ride…I see a lot of weird stuff every day…






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  1. nick Avatar

    nice one! funny, i was planning the exact same project, except of me walking through the redwoods on campus. you beat me to it, which seems to be the theme of the year. must get ahead of rob…

  2. Robert Carlsen Avatar

    do it! i’d love to see your take on the idea. i’ve just opened an old digital camera to hack the shutter release to install a remote switch so i could take photos without letting go of the handlebars…and a friend recommended that i rig up a way to vary the interval directly proportional to speed. taking that further, if you know the speed at which you are traveling, you can calculate the distance over a given set of time. it would be neat to take a picture every 3 meters or so…

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