Month: May 2008

  • Recovering

    The initial reports of the GoldenCheetah beta for Windows are pretty positive. At least, it’s working for most people. The biggest comment is confusion over installation of the ftd2xx.dll driver. Another user had difficulty with write permissions in his home directory on Vista, however after being unable to reproduce the issue on my test system […]

  • perspective

    After the days of hacking away at Golden Cheetah and C++ on Windows, doing some html/css/php/js coding is like a breath of fresh air. There is something somewhat comforting about how rigid C++ is…I can quickly find where I’ve messed up, even if it takes me a bit to figure out how to correct my […]

  • GoldenCheetah for Windows…

    …is alive! Justin and I have sorted out the connection issues with the USB cradle. We needed to explicitly set up the communication parameters before trying to speak to the PowerTap. We changed D2XX.cpp:open() (For my bigger brain): ftStatus = FT_SetBaudRate(ftHandle,9600); ftStatus = FT_SetDataCharacteristics(ftHandle,\ FT_BITS_8,\ FT_STOP_BITS_1,\ FT_PARITY_NONE); if (ftStatus != FT_OK) { err = QString(“FT_SetDataCharacteristics: […]

  • Drawing Automata

    Of course, I can’t leave well enough alone. It was inevitable that I’d shirk other responsibilities to play and tinker with the drawing automata program. I’m happy with the results (so far), and am planning on printing these two as a diptych in a large format. A slightly altered version which shows the animated drawing […]

  • More fun at ITP

    ITP had their 2008 Spring Show this Monday and Tuesday. I went yesterday to check out the projects and to confirm if this was indeed the place where I want to be. Again, I was very impressed with most of the work and the enthusiasm of the students, and had a good time chatting with […]

  • More debugging…

    …needed. GC is still reporting a timeout when trying to download from the PowerTap. Today I got it to work by first opening HyperTerminal, connecting to the PT and sending a ‘V’ char, which caused the device to respond with it’s firmware version. Then, I disconnected and quit HyperTerminal and opened the download from device […]

  • GoldenCheetah…on Windows

    Very exciting development….GoldenCheetah has been ported to Windows. Justin Knotzke did most of the leg work and got the first build going. He helped hold my hand through getting my Windows development environment set up. Through much debugging I was able to pinpoint where the device communication was failing…and realized that there was an issue […]

  • Wheel Building!

    I finally built my first bicycle wheel. I’ve wanted to do it for a long while, but never got around to doing it. The opportunity presented itself after the Zipp 404 clincher rim laced to my PowerTap hub cracked, again. This has happened more than a few times to me, so I requested that Zipp […]