Drawing Automata

Of course, I can’t leave well enough alone. It was inevitable that I’d shirk other responsibilities to play and tinker with the drawing automata program. I’m happy with the results (so far), and am planning on printing these two as a diptych in a large format.

Ellipses 11Ellipses 31

A slightly altered version which shows the animated drawing process. The parents fade away after they have spawned rather than persisting as in the above images.
Drawing Automata – Fading





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  1. Peter DeMaris Avatar
    Peter DeMaris

    Inept Pete needs source code! I also wanted to let you know that I really like what you did with Beethoven’s 5th and the bicycle race. Impressive to say the least. I hope all is well!

    Former/current student,


  2. Robert Carlsen Avatar

    Check out the previous post “More fun at ITP”….there’s a link at the bottom labeled “Drawing Automata”. That’s a link to an earlier version of the Processing sketch itself which includes the source code.

    Thanks for the comments on the posters. I’m working on some new ones.

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