playing with the 3d game of life sketch. i’m still looking to get the rules right, but in the meantime i’ve added a mutation. occasionally the upper rule changes which causes the cells to birth/die in sometimes drastically different ways.

also, the colors reflect the age of each cell; they progress from red to blue in the first 5 seconds of their life and stay blue until death.

the exercise for adding the colors was to see if adding additional properties to the “world” array would slow down the sketch. it seems to be running well. i think that i’d be able to store many more properties for each cell in the array. i’m not sure how much more i want to tinker with this current code…i’m going to do some research into other attempts at 3d game of life to see what successful rules have been determined.

in the meantime, does anyone have a 30x30x30 led matrix they’d like to run this on? (or any size really, the code is scalable).





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