Sound landscape

Not satisfied with leaving well enough alone…here’s the current iteration with the sound visualization sketch. Now, the logarithmically averaged spectrum from each sample is rendered along a spiral path. The color is still derived from the loudest band of the averaged spectrum, but there is a clearer depiction of the trends in the sounds.

The spiral has been modified in that each wedge is the same width and the angular momentum decreases accordingly as the radius increases. This creates an interesting vortex effect; to accentuate the effect I’ve also shifted the depth of the spiral “down” towards the outside. The frame rate is still acceptable, however there is a noticeable slowdown compared to earlier, simpler sketches.

Inspired by Justin’s project presented class, I’ve added a wireframe mode, which renders quite fast. I’ve also added a box mode, that is pretty slow at the moment, but the result looks a lot like a cityscape, a la Dark City.






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