Month: September 2008

  • Sweaty palms…

    Next project…attempt to have more fun. Sort-of achieved. I spent more time conceptualizing, however this proved to be at the exense of my construction time. I’ll have to find a balance…. So, the task was to create a type of “Love-o-meter”…inspired by the sort of device you’d find at a boardwalk or shopping mall…

  • Visualizing: Sound explored

    Taking the previous sketch a bit further. I’m still not satifisfied with this exploration and want to push it more. I adandoned the sonia library in favor of the minim libs, primarily for the ease of averaging the spectrum on a logarithmic scale.

  • Habitual music / sound survey

    1) Approximately how many of your waking hours each day are you listening to music? Of that number of hours, how much of the time is music you’ve chosen to listen to, and how much time is it music from speakers in a store, cafe, friend’s room, etc.? I’ll have to measure, but I’m usually […]

  • Lab: Breadboards redeux

    Finally got some breadboards and set them up with power regulators and all. Then got to make some simple circuits. Yay electricity!

  • Visualizing: Revisualizing Sound

    Progress on the sound sketch. I’m not satisfied with the sketch yet, but I’ve attached two screenshots of the result so far. The applet and source code are available. Of the assignment description, the final sentences drew my attention: “How would you explain it to someone who’s deaf. What is purpose of visualizing sound differently? […]

  • Physical Computing: Digital In/Out

    I’ve worked with the Arduino before, but still enjoy the wonderful moment when an LED blinks to life. I have a lot to learn about building circuits, proper wiring and clean / efficient code structure. A lot of what I do amounts to hacks to get a desired functionality. Of course, this builds complexity which […]

  • fully committed to the cloud…

    what a long strange trip it’s been? i wrote “sold out” on the face of my first mobile (erm, cell) phone. i’ve always been interested in technology, but the pervasiveness of cell phones turned me off…and like EZ Pass i wanted to have nothing do with them. now as an avid iPhone owner (and before […]

  • Lab: Breadboards

    First physical computing lab: working with breadboards. I have a prototyping shield on my arduino and am going to set that up for the first assignment. However, I should get a full size breadboard anyway for future projects. Nevertheless, I’ll update this shortly with the actual breadboard work.